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As a writer, it’s really humbling to work at a bookstore and see the hundreds and hundreds of books that have been published by many authors, on many different topics, throughout time.

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They Say She’s Stuck-Up, ‘Cause She Doesn’t Say Hello

Another time I try to speak up and the words… catch in my throat

I know this distance between us can be closed with just a simple “Hello”

But this business of speaking is so foreign for the shy

-yes, I was that child

Left behind I would think “I want to play”

But I’d just stand there, I would just… stay

And in my mind I’d want to break out

but I was being held back by all this fear

all this doubt

And now I’m 30 and I’m big and strong

And I keep thinking “Well, what the heck is wrong??”

If I could just speak up and say “Hello”

I wouldn’t be “that one girl” that you don’t know.

~*Moody Thursday*~Image

(Quick Poem)

(Quick Poem)



Trippy couldn’t run much faster.

Trippy ran at full speed.  She had never ran like this.  Her muscles sore, burning…the movement almost robotic now.  She could barely feel control over her body, she only knew one thing- run.  Run as fast as you can, run as far as you can.

She remembered a time when she had almost ran this fast- almost.  It was the first time she had literally ran away from home.  It was broad daylight, and even though she was sweaty, exhausted, and carrying a limp backpack, no cars stopped to see if this young teen of just 13 was okay.

She tripped on the curb and fell hard.

“Trippy”, her nickname echoed in a mocking way in her mind.

“Leave me alone!” she screamed as she scrambled back up and continued her run, this time with a limp and a terrible ache in her knees.  She had scraped them badly.  She could feel the sting.

Trippy tried to hold back tears, but couldn’t.  The fall had loosened up all the feelings inside her.

Her run slowed down to a trot as she struggled to breathe through sobs, her body only jerking strangely along, cramped and aching wildly.

“Leave me alone…” she sobbed weakly.

Trippy stopped completely and doubled over.  She gasped for air and noticed her knees raw with blood.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she wept, and the thing she was running from caught up to her.

You are doing this to you”, a familiar voice sneered.

Very familiar indeed, for Trippy was only running away from herself.

~*Moody Thursday*~

Note:  Well, it’s Thursday, and I was feeling moody, so I wrote something trippy that doesn’t go much of anywhere or make much sense at first glance :-p  I hope you enjoyed! =^ v ^=



Should you fall into a dream,

don’t flail, don’t scream.

Just open your mind’s eye and see

everything you want, everything you want to be.

Ambitions are there for you to reach.


Oh, the unlikely dreams.

You’ll be given percentages and fact sheets

about how unlikely you are to succeed,

how unlikely it is indeed.


But you look at your heroes, and you push on.

You know it takes work and it’s not always fun.

But it’s what you want

and this you understand:

that it is your calling

so you keep on dreaming.


So, should you fall into a dream,

don’t flail, don’t scream.

Just reach for it…

Just reach.

~*Moody Thursday*~


Car Surfing During an Earthquake

I used to be afraid of the world- always wearing my headphones, blocking out the cold, finding warmth only in music tones.

And when there was an earthquake I hung tight onto my seatbelt.  From the backseat I felt the earth shake.  You can’t imagine how scared I felt.

And then I saw him~ this cute, crazy guy, car-surfing during the earthquake.  I thought I’d seen him in school, but that could be a mistake.

He waved his arms and laughed~ all the while balancing perfectly.  For a moment I thought he was daft…but then I understood completely.

I got out through the window and jumped on the hood.  A tiny voice said “don’t”, but it was all good.

I could not be scared of life.  No, I could not fear anymore.  I could feel the air as I balanced some more.

And soon it was over.  He looked at me and smiled.  I knew I’d never again take cover.  I’d never again hide.
Now I live to the fullest, just for happiness’ sake, because of that crazy guy
car surfing during an earthquake.

~*Moody Thursday*~


ps. Do not actually car-surf at home ;-)

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