New eBook, Kyera’s Curfew

Kyera's Curfew

I have a new eBook/short story to share with you! <3

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About the book:
Kyera is fourteen years old, almost fifteen. She’s a good student, responsible, and plays for the softball team. So when her mother doesn’t allow her to leave the house on Friday night- YET AGAIN, Kyera takes matters into her own hands. She simply unlocks her bedroom window and gives herself a new curfew, going to that party she was invited to.
She’s okay when she realizes the party is not what she thought it would be. But things take a turn for the worst when her friend deserts her and leaves her with a guy named Nate. She ends up in a scary situation that she will not soon forget.


~*Moody Thursday*~

Be You by Moody Thursday

Be You picture

Morning Thoughts

I feel magickal this morning.  I have a million thoughts about the Paganism videos I want to make today, the poems I want to write, the books I want to read… It’s like I want to do everything at once!

I am happy this morning, as I’ve found myself many mornings in 2015.  I love where I am in life.  It’s not ideal (it’s not the desired career, I have barely any personal space, I don’t have a yard yet…), but I have somehow found myself loving it.  I don’t even have to try.  I am so happy where I am :-)

I’ve added a few things to the list of my “want to do’s”.  One of them being learning the piano (or at least this funky electric piano that’s in the apartment!) and learn how to make beautiful art using nothing but coloring pencils.  I’m all about writing and making up stories.  I’ve never dipped my toes into sound or visual art.  Now I have this itching to start.  To express my art in other forms, not just in writing (although I will not stop writing to do this).

It’s a rainy day.  It’s a comfortable day.  It’s an exciting day!


~*Moody Thursday*~

Just a thought…

As a writer, it’s really humbling to work at a bookstore and see the hundreds and hundreds of books that have been published by many authors, on many different topics, throughout time.

Christmas Poems for Kids!! Get your FREE eBook :-)

Christmas Kid Poems!


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Run For It

Run For It, a super short story I wrote :-) Just click on the link.


My poetry is…



They Say She’s Stuck-Up, ‘Cause She Doesn’t Say Hello

Another time I try to speak up and the words… catch in my throat

I know this distance between us can be closed with just a simple “Hello”

But this business of speaking is so foreign for the shy

-yes, I was that child

Left behind I would think “I want to play”

But I’d just stand there, I would just… stay

And in my mind I’d want to break out

but I was being held back by all this fear

all this doubt

And now I’m 30 and I’m big and strong

And I keep thinking “Well, what the heck is wrong??”

If I could just speak up and say “Hello”

I wouldn’t be “that one girl” that you don’t know.

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(Quick Poem)

(Quick Poem)


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